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Midnight S'mores Bamboo Footed Sleeper

Midnight S'mores Bamboo Footed Sleeper

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Our s’mores print features all the ingredients of your favorite summertime treat including graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows on sticks, nestled around a cozy campfire! 

All the yummy without the mess. This inky black print captures those magic family moments around a fire. Our bamboo kids' pajamas are softer than a perfectly roasted marshmallow. A treat sure to bring a smile to your face!

Our best-selling bamboo footed sleepers! These bamboo baby pajamas feature fold-over mitts in all sizes for warmth and to prevent scratching. Our bamboo footed sleeper includes an easy hidden zipper because we know you don't have time for snaps! The feet of the footed sleeper are fleece-lined bamboo for maximum coziness and added durability. Our signature non-slip scribbles on the bottom of the feet provide added traction. These footed sleepers are quickly going to become your go-to bamboo baby pajamas! 

Get twice the life out of your Peregrine pajamas with gender-neutral prints. Gender-inclusive prints mean you can pass the pajamas from sibling to sibling to get lots of love and life out of our bamboo footed sleeper! 

Warning: mornings can be tough because your baby will want to stay in these all day long! Our bamboo baby pajamas are sure to keep your baby comfy—no matter the season or weather. Our bamboo fabric is lightweight and breathable, allowing your child to thermoregulate! Bamboo pajamas will keep their body at the right temperature all night, whether it’s cold or hot.

Our 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Spandex fabric is buttery soft, stretchy, and luxurious. It is gentle on the most sensitive skin and made from sustainable bamboo. 

Laundry care: Machine wash your bamboo footed sleeper on cold with like colors. We recommend tumble drying on low. Pro Tip: Prolong the life of your bamboo by washing it separately from other bulky items.

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