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Midnight S'mores Two-Piece Bamboo Children's Pajamas

Midnight S'mores Two-Piece Bamboo Children's Pajamas

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Our s’mores print features all the ingredients of your favorite summertime treat including graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows on sticks, nestled around a cozy campfire! 

All the yummy without the mess. This inky black print captures those magic family moments around a fire. Our bamboo kids' pajamas are softer than a perfectly roasted marshmallow. A treat sure to bring a smile to your face!

Our bamboo kids pajamas are sure to keep your kiddo comfy—no matter the season or weather. Our material is lightweight and breathable, which means that your child can thermoregulate to keep their body at the right temperature all night, whether it’s cold or hot. Our bamboo kids pajamas set includes classic legging-style pants and a cozy long-sleeved, supremely soft shirt. Warning: mornings can be tough because your kiddo will want to stay in these all day long!

Set includes leggings style pants and a soft, long sleeved shirt in our supremely soft bamboo fabric. 

95% bamboo viscose, 5% spandex

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